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by anh minh (2019-04-11)

Hospital security monitoring system requires high security, ability to combine with analog and IP camera system on the same system Next time, hospitals in Hanoi will continue to implement innovation. The process of medical examination and treatment, especially many hospitals will install cameras in the emergency area, the medical examination department. The installation of hospital surveillance cameras in addition to the purpose of guiding at the units for hospitals with the aim of ensuring safety, Supporting evidence for identification: patients die before or after hospitalization, information about patients who do not yet have security relatives for the hospital. It is urgent for the whole society. Patients who go for medical examination and treatment, do not know what the results are, but they have lắp đặt camera bình tân just faced hundreds of concerns about this insecurity. amera observation for hospitals is often installed at locations such as: entrance gates, administrative areas, medical examination and treatment areas, corridors of medical examination rooms, operating rooms, inpatient rooms depending on the terrain.

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