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Vol 53, No 4 (2016) A Classification Approach Based on Genetic-Data-Structuring for the Prediction of Hypertension´┐Ż Abstract   PDF
A. Anis, M. A. Fahiem, H. Tauseef
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) A Comparative Study of AG*-groupoidsy Abstract   PDF
I. Ahmad, R. Naz, M. Rashad, A. Khan
Vol 54, No 2 (2017) A Comparative Study of Classifier Based Mispronunciation Detection System for Confusing Abstract   PDF
M Maqsood, H. A. Habib, S. M. Anwar, M. A. Ghazanfar, T. Nawaz
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) A Comparison of Different Joining Options of Hybrid Composite Joints for Improved Fatigue Life Abstract   PDF
A. H. Khawaja, A. Tariq, W. A. Khan, Y. Baig
Vol 54, No 1 (2017) A Facial Image Analysis based Algorithm to Detect Human Personality Abstract   PDF
H. Tauseef, S. Shafique, M.A. Fahiem, S. Farhan
Vol 53, No 3 (2016) A Hybrid Software Architecture Evaluation Method for Dynamic System Development Method Abstract   PDF
R. Awan, S. S. Muhammad, M. A. Fahiem, S. Awan
Vol 53, No 2 (2016) A Navigational Evaluation Model for Content Management Systems Abstract   PDF
S. Gilani, A. Majeed, M. Muzammal, A. U. Rehman, H. Zaheer, Z. Jan
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) An Assessment of Medical Physics Knowledge of Undergraduate Physics Students Abstract   PDF
S. Ali, A. Hussain
Vol 54, No 3 (2017) An Empirical Study on Selecting Partially Equivalent (PE) Benchmarks for Mutual Funds Categories in Pakistan: ANOVA Approach Abstract   PDF
W. S. Ahmed, A. T. Paracha, J. Sheikh, M. F. Azeam, M. J. Saboor
Vol 54, No 1 (2017) Application of Multi-Layer Feed Forward Neural Network (MLFNN) for the Abstract   PDF
M.F. Mahmood, Z. Ahmad
Vol 54, No 2 (2017) Automatic Segmentation of the Aorta in Cardiac Medical Images Abstract   PDF
H. Rahman, S.U. Rahman, F. Din
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) Content Based Image Retrieval using Improved Local Tetra Pattern and Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Z. Shabbir, I. Arshad, G. Raja, A. K. Khan
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) Design and Simulations of Low Loss Single Disk RF Window Abstract   PDF
Shakir Ullah, M. Ayub, N. Aftab, A. Qayyum
Vol 54, No 2 (2017) Detection of Phenolic Compounds by Colorimetric Bioassay Using Crude Polyphenol Oxidase Abstract   PDF
I. Gul, A. Hussain, A. Sami, Z. Ahmad, S.M.S. Naqvi, N. Ilyas, M. S. Ahmad
Vol 54, No 1 (2017) Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Abstract   PDF
M. Shifa, F. Tariq, R.A. Baloch
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) Effect of Deposition Temperature and Electrolytic Cell Concentration on Phase Transformation at Nanoscale Abstract   PDF
A. Mukhtar, T. Mehmood
Vol 54, No 1 (2017) Effect of Different Auxins on Rooting of Semi Hard and Soft Wood Cuttings of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) CV. Safeda Abstract   PDF
R. Zamir, Abdur Rab, M. Sajid, G.S. S. Khattak, S.A. Khalil, S.T. Shah
Vol 54, No 3 (2017) Effect of Incentives Based Two Factor Theory on Employee Performance in Telecom Sector of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
A. A. Khan, N. Abbas, K. A. Zaki
Vol 53, No 3 (2016) Effect of Input-Output (IO) Buffering to Minimize Flow Control Blocking in Software Defined Networkinga Abstract   PDF
M. I. Lali, M. M. Bilal, M. S. Nawaz, M. Deen, B. Shahzad, S. Khaliq
Vol 54, No 2 (2017) Fatigue Life Estimation of TIG Welded Aluminum Alloy (Aa2219) Under Combined Loading Abstract   PDF
A. Shahzadi, G. Y. Chohan, Mudaser Ullah, Q. Ali
Vol 54, No 1 (2017) Hydrocarbon Evaluation and New Well Prognosis Based on Seismic and Petrophysical Analysis of Ghauspur Area, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan Abstract   PDF
U. Shakir, M. Ali, M. Hussain, M. Fahd, M.K. Abuzar, M.A. Khan, M.R. Amjad, S.M. Siyar, A.R. Tahir
Vol 54, No 2 (2017) Impact of Natural Gas and Biogas on Engine Lube Oil Condition Abstract   PDF
N. Hayat, H. U. Mughal, H. Z. Nabiand, G. Moeenuddin
Vol 53, No 4 (2016) Impact of Privatization on Employee Relations at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Abstract   PDF
B. Asghar, A. Wasim, M. Jahanzaib, S. Hussain
Vol 53, No 3 (2016) Implementation of OFDM-RoF at 60 GHz with DCF for Long Haul Communication Abstract   PDF
M. F. Rashid, F. Qamar, F. Rashid, S. Ahmad
Vol 53, No 3 (2016) Improved Scalable Recommender System Abstract   PDF
S. Ishtiaq, N. Majeed, M. Maqsood, A. Javed
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