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An Air Impact Wrench or a pneumatic impact wrench is a power tool that utilizes compressed air to either remove or tighten nuts and bolts at high-speed. What makes it different from other types of impact wrench is that the force released by it is instant but not constant. So how does it actually work? You can see more detail in

Even though we talking about Air Impact Wrench, there are still many kinds of them on the market. Each model differs in size, weight and the torque it releases. These aspects will decide on which one should you use, where will you use it and whether you should use it or not.

Power and performance

 First is power, this kind of power tool can give you high power output and large force, which is very suitable for vehicles maintaining, small construction projects and other small to medium works. Also, an air impact wrench is easier to maintain as it operates through a rotating rotor and lubricating system.

Next is the performance, first, directing airflow to an adapter. The adapter has 2 hole, one of which is for the air going in. After the air flows through the adapter into the wrench so that it can rotate the rotor. On the edge of the rotor, there is a spline attached. This spline will make the hammer to rotate along with the rotor. While the hammer is spinning, it also delivers hammering action to the output shaft, unscrewing/screwing bolt or nut.