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Accepted Articles

Volume 54 (2017)

Volume 53 (2016)

Volume 52 (2015)

Volume 51 (2014)

Volume 50 (2013)

Volume 49 (2012)

Volume 48 (2011)

Volume 47 (2010)

Volume 46 (2009)

Volume: 52 (4) 2015

Evaluation of Optimal Top Coat Thickness in Composite LTA/YSZ Thermal Barrier Coating by Comparative Stress Distribution using Finite Element Method
R. Aziz, R. Pasha, M.A. Nasir and M. Abbas

Structural and Magnetic Studies of NixCo0.8-xMn0.2Fe2O4 Nanoparticles Prepared via Co-precipitation Rout
N. Adeela, K. Maaz, U. Khan, M. Iqbal, M. Hussain, A. Nisar, M. Ahmed and S. Karim

Effect of Ba-Substitution at Sr-Site on the Structural and Dielectric Characteristics of SrMnO3
M. Amir, S. Atiq, S. Riaz and S. Naseem

Molecular Imaging of CaO Nanowhiskers in Living Organs
A.R. Butt, I.A. Butt, A. Nazir, M. Ikram, S. Sadiq, K. Rashid, T. Shujah and S. Ali

Green One Step Microwave Assisted Synthesis of ZnS Nanoparticles
A. Sabah, S. Javed, M. Nazir

Shear Strain Model for Equal Channel Angular Pressing in High Elastic Extruded Plastics
N.A. Anjum, M.Z. Khan, M. Shah, M.S. Khalil, R.A. Pasha, F. Qayyum and W. Anwar

Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties of ZnO Nanoparticlesfor the Degradation of Rhodamine B
S. I. Janjua, M. Hussain, M. Ahmad, S. Shahzada, G. Ali, K. Maaz and S. Karim

Enhanced Photolumincence and Electrochemical Performance of ZnO/ZnS Coaxial Nanocables
M. Ahmad, H. Sun, A. Nisar, K. Maaz, G. Ali and S. Karim

DFT Studies of Indium Nanoclusters, Nanotubes and their Interaction with Molecular Hydrogen
A. Hussain, M. W. Baig, N. Mustafa

Designing a Solar Fuel Device: Light-Harvesting Materials and Catalytic Modules for Artificial Leaf
K. S. Joya

Dielectric and Magnetic Characterization of Sol-Gel Synthesized SrMnO3 Perovskite
K. AbbasS. Atiq, S. Riaz and S. Naseem, S. Atiq, S. Riaz and S. Naseem

Dielectric Characterization of XAl2O4 (X = Mg, Zn, Ni) Spinel Ceramics
M. Azam, S. Atiq, G. M. Mustafa, S. Riaz and S. Naseem

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