S. Abro, M. M. Kandhro, H. M. Ahmed, S. Laghari, M. Kumbhar


Four varieties viz., Chandi-95, CIM-448, NIAB-Karishma and NIAB-78 were crossed in complete diallel fashion (4 x 4) to determine gene action for ginning out turn percentage (GOT), staple length, micronaire value and lint index. Results demonstrated that GOT % was controlled by complete dominance whereas, staple length, micronaire value and lint index were conditioned by partial dominance type of gene action. Chandi-95 had maximum dominant genes for staple length, micronaire value and lint index, while NIAB-78 had maximum dominant genes for GOT % and lint index. The variety NIAB-Karishma recorded the highest array means for GOT % and micronaire values followed by Chandi-95 and NIAB-78 for staple length and lint index, respectively. Whereas, cross combination NIAB-Karishma x NIAB-78 manifested highest values within array means for GOT%, micronaire value and lint index indicating good potential for the improvement of these characters.

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