Analysis of Temperature Distribution and Phase Change Time inside Iron-Nickel Foam Infiltrated with Paraffin

A. Hussain, M. Mehboob, W. Ahmed, M. Ali, H. Shahid


Thermal performance of phase change materials (PCMs) has a great importance in efficient thermal energy storage systems (TESS). Pure PCMs have high heat absorption capacity and latent heat. In this study temperature distribution inside the pure paraffin, pure iron-nickel foam, and Iron-nickel foam/paraffin PCM composite was experimentally compared. Heat flux of 1000 W/m2 was supplied through a flexible heater (100 mm × 100 mm × 1.3 mm) at the bottom of the paraffin, pure iron-nickel foam, and iron-nickel foam/paraffin wax composite. Phase change time of paraffin and iron-nickel foam/paraffin wax composite was also investigated. Experimental results show that temperature difference was lowered by 50% in case of new Iron-Nickel foam/paraffin PCM composite due to high [2.08 W/ m. K] effective thermal conductivity. During the thermal storage process of pure paraffin, maximum temperature difference along the z-axis was more (14%) as compared to that along the x-axis. The temperature difference was found to be 4 oC in the case of paraffin while in pure iron-nickel foam it was 2 oC during the heating process. Phase transition time of pure paraffin was increased by 16.67% as compared to composite PCM during the thermal storage process.

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