Effect of Ba-Substitution at Sr-Site on the Structural and Dielectric Characteristics of SrMnO3

M. Amir, S. Atiq, S. Riaz, S. Naseem


Antiferromagnetic Ba substituted SrMnO3 has a perovskite structure with a B-site magnetic ion which gives higher magnetic ordering temperatures. Ferroelectric transitions in these perovskites have been observed due to off centering of Mn4+ ions. In this work, we report synthesis of Sr1-xBaxMnO3 (x= 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8) samples using sol-gel auto-ignition method. The prepared samples were sintered at 1000 ºC for 4 hours each which ultimately led to the development of the perovskite structure, as determined by X-ray diffraction. The crystallite size was determined by using Scherrer’s formula. Frequency dependent dielectric characteristics have been investigated systematically using an impedance analyzer. These studies reveal the decreasing dielectric behavior if the concentration of Ba is increased.

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