S. Haroon, T. N. Malik, S. Zafar


Electrical power system is highly complicated having hydro and thermal mix with large number of machines. To reduce power production cost, hydro and thermal resources are mixed. Hydrothermal scheduling is the optimal coordination of hydro and thermal plants to meet the system load demand at minimum possible operational cost while satisfying the system constraints. Hydrothermal scheduling is dynamic, large scale, non-linear and non-convex optimization problem. The classical techniques have failed in solving such problem. Artificial Intelligence Tools based techniques are used now a day to solve this complex optimization problem because of their no requirements on the nature of the problem. The aim of this research paper is to provide a comprehensive survey of literature related to both Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Fuzzy Logic (FL) as effective optimization algorithms for the hydrothermal scheduling problem. The outcomes along with the merits and demerits of individual techniques are also discussed.

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