M. M. Anwar, A. A. Khan, I. R. Chughtai, K. S. Chaudri, M. H. Inayat, T. Hayat


Reactor Excursion and Leak Analysis Program (RELAP) is a widely acceptable computer code for thermal hydraulics modeling of Nuclear Power Plants. It calculates thermal- hydraulic transients in water-cooled nuclear reactors by solving approximations to the one-dimensional, two-phase equations of hydraulics in an arbitrarily connected system of nodes. However, the preparation of input file and subsequent analysis of results in this code is a tedious task. The development of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for preparation of the input file for RELAP-5 is done with the validation of GUI generated Input File. The GUI is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio using Visual C Sharp (C#) as programming language. The Nodalization diagram is drawn graphically and the program contains various component forms along with the starting data form, which are launched for properties assignment to generate Input File Cards serving as GUI for the user. The GUI is provided with Open / Save function to store and recall the Nodalization diagram along with Components’ properties. The GUI generated Input File is validated for several case studies and individual component cards are compared with the originally required format. The generated Input File of RELAP is found consistent with the requirement of RELAP. The GUI provided a useful platform for simulating complex hydrodynamic problems efficiently with RELAP.

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